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Getting Back to Work after a Car Accident Does Not Affect your Claim

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Not all work-related injuries can be acquired inside the four corners of an office. Most injuries are incurred outside the company’s building such as construction sites. Other mishaps occur on the road. Car accidents may occur anytime while you are parking inside your office’s building, or while delivering some goods as part of your job. What matters is that the auto accident occurred within the course and scope of your employment. It is only when this requirement is satisfied will you be entitled to medical and other benefits, and disability pay under the Workers’ Compensation Law of Colorado. An experienced Greeley workers compensation lawyer can surely help build up and defend your case.

When Can You Start Driving Again?

When you get tangled up in an auto accident, there is a chance that you will be undergoing treatments and medical observations. One of the most common concerns of workers who are applying for auto accident claims benefits under workers’ compensation is the question of when they can go back to the driver’s seat. Especially those whose only or primary income come from driving trucks or vans, they want to get back to work as soon as possible.

This question has no definite answer. It all depends on your doctor’s analysis of your medical situation. If your doctor declares that you are cleared to drive again, then, you can take the wheel once more.


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Anxiety and PTSD are two of the most common reasons why your doctor may not allow you to be back on the road just yet. These conditions affect your ability to drive.

Will Driving again Mess up your Claim for Workers’ Compensation?

Your ability or medical clearance to take the wheel the second time around does not and cannot affect your claim for workers’ compensation. Under the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Law, a worker who is injured while performing or in the course of his employment meets an accident, such worker can claim for workers’ compensation. Hence, as long as you or your seasoned Greeley disability attorney can prove the link between the accident and your line of work, you can claim compensation. The fact that you can go back to driving cannot be made an issue.


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Going Back to Work despite Having Filed an Auto Accident Claim

Another common concern of workers who filed a claim under Workers’ Compensation Law after meeting a car accident is when they can get back to work and whether such can affect their claims.

The decision on whether you can report back to work is, like getting back on the road, a medical decision. Only your physician can decide whether your body has healed, and whether it can keep up with the demands of your work.

Once you are given that carte blanche to go back to work and you did, such will not and cannot interfere with your claim for compensation. All your Greeley workers compensation lawyer has to prove is that your accident occurred in the course and scope of your employment in order to advance your right for compensation.

Auto accidents claim may be easy to file but proving that the vehicular mishap occurred in the course of employment makes the same complicated. Kaplan Morrell lawyers have been helping workers in their auto accidents claims for more than a decade. Call us at (866) 356-9898 to receive a free consultation.


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