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Five Things That Could Negatively Affect Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

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If you’re beginning the process of filing your worker’s compensation claim, you need to know your rights. Before you start calling for representation, make sure you read below to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls of getting your claim denied. Whether you live in Chicago or Denver, many worker’s compensation guidelines are the same. Know your rights.

  1. Failing to seek representation

One of the most common mistakes that people make is failing to secure representation. While you are the most knowledgeable about your personal experience, you probably do not know the litigation involved with winning your case. So, seek professional help. Your lawyer should have experience with your type of case, the more the better, and should be adamant about getting all of your documentation in order promptly. If you live in Denver, consider a practice that specializes in worker’s comp cases, such as Greeley.


  1. Taking too long to seek a medical professional

If you’ve been seriously injured, at work or elsewhere, there is no excuse for not seeking medical attention – your health is on the line. If you’re filing for either Denver worker’s compensation  or Greeley  Workers compensation without a doctor’s statement that validates your claim, you’d might as well give up now. When it’s you versus your employer in a court of law, the more evidence you can have on your side, the better. This said, don’t take an unreasonable amount of time to seek medical attention either. If you first notice sciatica in your right leg in April, but you wait until August for treatment, you have no case. Get help early.


  1. Failing to obtain medical records

Along with number two, once you seek medical attention, obtain your records. If you have gotten X-rays taken, have undergone treatment or even have had a health exam that may provide supporting evidence for your claim, save records of those documents. It’s only going to help your case.

  1. Taking too long to file your claim

For worker’s compensation claims, the statute of limitations is typically two to three years, depending on the injury. If, for example, you wait 23 months after a work-related injury before seeking medical attention and filing your claim, you might as well not file. Your argument is already unconvincing. If you believe you may have suffered work-related injuries, act quickly. The sooner you act the more likely your health will bounce back and the more likely you’ll be compensated for your suffering.


  1. Not knowing your rights

With any type of suit, you need to know your rights. For example, If you are filing a worker’s compensation claim, you may be entitled to monetary benefits for your time and suffering, above your medical costs. If you did not know your rights ahead of time, you could have missed out on income (potentially income that you missed due to medical treatment). Always, always, always know your rights.

Suffering from physical injury, as caused by work-related accidents or other things, is a scary experience, and you don’t have to go through it alone. Choose an educated representative to help you file your claim, who has experience and cares about you. That’s what it’s all about.

Meet our Denver Disability Lawyer or Greeley Disability Lawyer who will campaign for you deserve. If you have anything  questions or need to get a free consultation, you can call us directly at (866) 356-9898.


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